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Is It Legal In The US?

In 2006, President Bush signed into law a bill that was designed to tighten security measures around the country and in the nationís sea ports. At the last minute, some government officials tacked on a measure that banned banks from transferring funds back and forth between businesses that were conducting gambling operations in the United States in states and jurisdictions in which it was prohibited. This bill goes after the money that is being won by the players and not the players themselves. Itís their way of stopping Americans from funding their online gaming habits.

Here is the clincher though. While Americans may have a rough time funding their accounts and receiving their winnings, there are only 11 states in the nation where internet gambling is actually illegal. When this happened, members of European nations were meeting to decide on a way to help legalize and regulate online gambling. Representatives of the United States declined their invitation. The number of online gamblers in the United States at that point in time was 70% of the people polled. Half of the $12 billion gambling market in 2006 was generated by Americans.

The question of legality actually comes down to where you live and who you ask. If you ask someone who is against online gambling, then you will be told that it is illegal. Other people will tell you that itís only illegal to use financial institutions in the United States and if players can fund their accounts in another way, they can play. If you live in one of the states that allow online gambling, then it is legal for you to play

Also, donít believe that there is a differentiation about what games are legal and what arenít. Residents from the United States can play all forms of online casino games and poker. The only thing that has been targeted by the government as being illegal is how a cash account is setup and how withdrawals are made.

The main problem that you may have will be finding an online casino or poker room that accepts players from the United States. When the bill was put into place, many an online casinos and poker rooms restricted their access, not allowing American players to register to play. Some of the sites have lifted their ban, so good luck finding one that you enjoy playing on. And good luck finding a way to fund your account.

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