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The most secure methods of making online payments

After searching deep, The Baltic Banking Group has put together a comprehensive list of the most secure ways of depositing in online gaming sites so you donīt have to spend your time looking. The major worry for the online gamer is knowing that they wonīt be a victim of online fraud, this also applies to the various gaming sites. Online casinos and other gaming sites lose hundreds of thousands of pounds each year through fraud and itīs in their best interest to help the online gamer make secure online payments.

Alternative to Stripe, Square and Paypal - High Risk Payment Systems

From a long list of alternative online payments we complied a list of the easiest, fastest and secure ways to help both parties from being victims of online fraud. We hope that the list we have comlied will help everyone to make the experience of online gaming less traumatic.

If at any time you are unsure about using your credit cards in online gaming sites then think about opening an account with one of the alternative secure payments companies. More about these companies can be found below.

BBG Recomendeds


Checkout more quickly when you shop online. Send or request money from friends and family. Pay without revealing your credit card or bank information.


Open an account, fund account, go shopping, send money to anyone's email and withdraw cash. Fast, simple and safe for all kinds of payments.


When it comes to online high risk payment gateways we're the fastest, the safest, the smartest. We know that you need to get your money from Point A to Point B and you need to do it now.


HighRiskExperts facilitates simple and secure high risk merchant account setup. Signup for free, choose from dozens of funding options and make instant payments at thousands of websites.

Wire Transfer

Consult your bank

Payments can take 3 to 10 working days to be processed


Ukash is a new, simple and secure way for you to shop, play and pay with cash online.

Click and Buy

ClickandBuy is one of the leading payment systems on the internet. More than 7,000 merchants benefit from this complete service in 26 countries, which includes 21 different currencies and 43 different payment methods.


Instadebit is the safe and secure way to make payments online using funds in your bank account.


An eWalletXpress account is online account that enables customers (eWalletXpress members) to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to online merchants.

Visa / Mastercard

Using your card to pay for goods or services online is even more secure thanks to the added security measures from Visa and Mastercard.

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