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Helping to keep your identity and money safe

B.B.G. The Baltic Banking Group is part of Horizon Star Enterprizes Ltd. and together we can cut down and eventually eliminate internet banking fraud in online gaming sites. Today most credit cards are protected against fraud but still thousands of people every year are affected by it. The B.B.G. are aiming to eliminate online banking fraud by providing users with easy, fast and secure methods of online payments.

Not long ago for many reasons people are reluctant to use credit cards to perchase items online and even more so in online gaming sites. For many years online gaming sites have been searching for better and safer ways for their players to deposit and with the many online payment companies available today it is now safer to make a deposit online in gaming sites.

Because many credit cards companies wont allow you to deposit in gaming sites, online payment companies are a blessing for those wanting to play in online gaming sites. Just deposit into your account and use your account to transfer funds into your favorite gaming sites. Its that simple.

B.B.G. will give you piece of mind with your online casino payments. Check your gaming sites for secure payments before depositing.

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