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UK TV Roulette Presenters

Live Roulette

Two different shows currently offer live presenters with televised roulette games, "Live Roulette" and "LIVE Roulette." SuperCasino has live feeds at its website, and airs "Live Roulette" on Channel 5 and Sky Channel 862. Jackpot 247, with its official website jackpot247, has presenters for its "LIVE Roulette" on the Zone ITV1 and Sky Channel 862. Both shows use a rotating set of live presenters to spin the wheel and host the game.

Live Roulette

"Live Roulette" currently has nine active presenters. The presenters come from various backgrounds and some have worked in television before.

Bryn Lucas appeared in a television show and some movies, including 2006's "Neil's Party." Fellow presenter Anna Jardine Jones previously worked on a live shopping channel, while Olivia Stanleigh has appeared on shows such as "Doctor Who" and "Holby City."

Presenter Derrick Gibbons appeared in the comedy "Broken News" on the BBC and is a composer of music, having composed the main theme song for the Super Casino channel.

Emily De Cosimo may not be a familiar face from other things, but she did appear on the game show "Mastermind" and is responsible for the Essex HENS Theatre Company. De Cosimo is one the people who set the company up in 2001 and it received the The Phillip Lawrence Award in 2003.

Presenter Rob Lamarr, of Kings Lynn, has a voice that is familiar to many. Lamarr's voice has been used for many projects, including the hold messages used by the Liverpool FC.

Lee Baldry has hosted other game shows beside "Live Roulette" and composed the music for three ITV1 shows to date. Baldry also worked on music artist Usher's hit, "Love in This Club," and was featured in a series of ads, including one for soft drink company Coca-Cola.

Host Gema Ensenat is an accomplished dancer and certified aerobics instructor, while Essex-born Helen Shephard holds a journalism degree.

LIVE Roulette

"LIVE Roulette" has eight different hosts for the game. Presenter Craig Stevens has been hosting shows on Channel 5 since 2004 and has his own radio show on Town 102.

Emma Lee, as the winner of a Channel 4 contest, entered into television on the Disney Channel. She's hosted many events, including "Pulling Power" and "UK Play." Fellow host Yemi Sawyerr has also been involved in projects for well-known channels, including MTV and Sky Travel.

Host Mel Peachy has presented game shows in both the United Kingdom and in the United States, on the U.S. game show "Playmania." Presenter Vicky Letch currently works on other game shows, including "Going for Gold," and has done voiceover work for projects such as "Britain's Next Top Model."

Kay Little, a regular roulette presenter, has since presented professional snooker tournaments and studio premieres. One of her fellow hosts, Adele Sica, has worked on live television for over eight years, including on MTV.

Ruth Frances is experienced at both pre-recorded and live television, having worked in the field for more than eight years. She's also a life coach and makeup artist.

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